Sunday, April 27, 2008

Version 2

Hello again friends!

Good news this time...

Version 2 of All New Releases blog is already online

I decided to use after i contacted several ex-bloggers who use it now. It's a little bit weird as everything in my control panel is in Croatian but after a while i think i will have no problem.

Unfortunately i can't transfer the back up blog i had in so there will be a fresh start although most of the albums i had already posted will be posted again from time to time. I also found a way to protect the origin of the links. Let's hope it will be something.

So, bookmark the new blog and please be lenient to me for any mistakes during the first weeks


Friday, April 25, 2008

Some News

Hello again friends,

first of all i would like to thank you all for the support.

Now, straight to the point...

I have 2 options in my mind

1) Set up a new blog (not in blogger) which is free but always risky or
2) make something more "professional" in a way that it will be less risky but it will cost me around 250$ plus some skills (design and code) that i can't do by myself.

I'm gathering opinions from other bloggers and people that run great sites and will make a decision in the following week. I think the second option is better. I have no problem spending the money if that site will be less risky but i will need your help in coding and designing. I can't afford a designer and a coder. If some of you think you can help me please send me an email (121313 at

More news in the following week


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hello friends,

unfortunately the blog was reported and shut down by blogger. I just received an email from them in which i was informed that they had to shut down the blog as they received complaints about it and in their review they found out i was posting material that violated their terms of service.

I contacted them in order to know where did this complaint come from? They answered back it came from an individual and not google or a record company. They were very polite and helpful and i want you to know that. When blogs like these have to shut down they are disappointed too as they loose hits.

So, someone thought it was funny to report me or simply has something to gain from the loss of my blog. And there are already some other forums/blogs/sites that try to take advantage of my absence in order to attract you to their pages. Please be aware of them! Visit their sites if you like, you may find interesting stuff there too but the only page for mp3zzz blog is this one for the time being.

The blog will be up again. Be sure about that. I don't know if that will be on blogger or somewhere else. And i don't know if it will be in blog format again or as a site in a webhost that allows warez and is somewhere in the depths of Asia...

I would also like to thank mrjazz who immediately registered the url of the blog. If that name had ended up to someone else we would have all been cheated.

This incident happened during my Easter holidays and this is certainly not good. I have already thought many ways to get the blog back but i need to find the best possible one. So please, be patient and understanding.